New simulator prepares nurses for any situation

DUBUQUE –¬†UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital gained a new member to their education training team.

Finn, the newest training simulator, gives nursing staff the ability to practice almost any scenario in a safe and controlled environment.

Finn joins MaryBeth, a birthing simulator donated almost one year ago.

Both simulators equip nurses to be prepared, especially for situations they are not familiar with.

Education Manager Dana O’Brien is excited about the new training tool. She says, “The newer model that we received can be utilized for all nursing staff. We can do respirations, you can listen to the heart, it coughs, the eyes move.”

The simulator is part of the new Sunshine Circle Education Center which includes a computer lab, classroom, and the simulation room.

The simulator was funded by a large donation from U.S. Bank to train the next generation of nurses.

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