Making a Difference: The Loras College 2016 Honors Project

DUBUQUE, IA – A group of students is attempting to make a difference in the environmental conditions of the Dubuque community.

The Loras College Honors Society is a group of students who have shown scholastic achievement and a willingness to learn. As a part of their education, they must choose a large project to complete, which often has an impact on the community. This year, the group chose to combat pollution.

enter-and-exitAfter careful research, they agreed that they would encourage the city to place a fee on the use of plastic grocery bags. They approached the Dubuque City Council last week with their suggestion. By a vote of 4 to 3, the council decided that something needed to be done about plastic bags. Therefore, they have sent the proposal over to the City Staff to see what their thoughts are.

The Honors Society learned about the harmful nature of plastic bags, and how they can cause serious environmental damage as they are broken down. The group believes that a five to ten cent fee in an attempt to clean up the city is a fair price to pay for Dubuque citizens. According to Honors member Abigail Kirchner, “We did a lot of research, and we looked at the costs that other cities have had. There’s been fees ranging from five cents to twenty-five cents…”hyvee

The organization also notes, however, that the elderly, people on food stamps, and other similar exceptions apply. They will not be charged a fee for plastic bags.

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