Loras Student Offers Affordable Textbook Option

LORAS COLLEGE – The cost of textbooks has always put a dent in the bank accounts of college students. One Loras student hopes to lighten the load of those heavy textbooks. Sophomore Troy Ericson created a new business this school year called Dubuque Cash for Books. The business offers an easy alternative for students to inexpensively buy and sell textbooks.

Ericson urges the simplicity of the process when explaining, “People can go to ‘Dubuque Cash for Books’ on Facebook, click message and send me a picture, ISBN number, or the titles of books. Next, we make a deal and then we meet somewhere; it’s mostly whatever is convenient for them.”

Ericson is happy with the success his business has recieved so far and encourages students to check out his Facebook page for more information.


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