Loras student gets tattoo of school slogan

LORAS COLLEGE – A Loras student is showing her school pride in a unique way–by sporting the college’s slogan as a tattoo.

Junior student Ellie Horst recently inked her foot with the Loras College slogan “Be More.” What makes the tattoo even more interesting is that it is written in Loras President Jim Collins’ handwriting.


Horst says, “[I] set up the appointment and then it was two days out and I realized that I couldn’t really find a font that I loved-loved. [That’s when I] decided that I wanted either a faculty or staff member’s handwriting. President Collin’s stuck out because who better embodies Loras College than President Collins.”

The dedicated student and Loras enthusiast says she uses the motto and tattoo to motivate her and remind her why she lives out the life that she does.

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