Loras chosen as location for independent film

Loras chosen as location for independent film

For the first time in recent history, Loras College has been chosen as a major filming location for the upcoming independent short film “Is It Snowing Where You Are?” Directed and produced by up-and-coming filmmaker Ben Schmidt, it will tell the tale of a down-on-his-luck college dropout who is trying to find his place in life.

The film will star local actors and students Ryley Seymour, Austin Rea and Broderick Hooker as mismatched college-goers. Garrett Schroeder and Brennan Pivnicka are also attached for technical equipment operation. Though the movie was tied up in pre-production for over a month, filming finally commenced on Thursday, Feb. 25 and is expected to finish by mid-March.

Schmidt, a former college student himself, was inspired to make the film after his own experiences at school.

“When I first got to college, I felt like I had made a big mistake,” he explained in his latest interview. “I felt like I didn’t belong, and the only reason I was there was to make someone else happy, or to fulfill society’s expectations. After I left, I realized the anxiety I’d felt wasn’t unique, as I’ve yet to meet a single person just out of the nest who doesn’t have tons of doubt about the future.”

Upon realizing that the concept of early life indecision wasn’t explored enough in most coming-of-age films, Schmidt set about implementing it as a key theme in his movie. Much of the intended plot will be based on his own experiences, and his aim is for it to resonate with the millennial generation by reflecting on the hardships that often come with college.

“My hope is (that) college students can relate to the characters and their situations,” Schmidt said.

A possible release date and distribution schedule for “Is It Snowing Where You Are?” has yet to be announced, but for all those who have or currently are struggling with college and future decisions in life, it’s bound to be a must-see.

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