Look Into Rome


ROME, ITALY – Mareah Adolphs gives us one last tour as she wraps up her travels in western Europe. This week she takes us around the Eternal City.

” Hey guys…this week I’m wrapping up my travels and I know I’ve saved the best for last…this week were in Rome!

We start here at the Colosseum the world’s famous amphitheater. Inside is the ruins of where the gladiators fought during the time of the Roman Empire.

On the opposite side of the Colosseum, we find Vatican City–home of the current Pope Francis 1st—St. Peter’s Basilica and Square are on display–and were headed up here to the top of the Cupola. 551 steps later…we make it and catch the best view of the area.

As the saying goes…when in Rome, of yes, do as the Romans do….so that means indulge in Pizza! And for dessert every kind of Gelato imaginable.

And finally the perfect way to end my travels….at the Trevi Fountain…as the legend goes I throw a coin in and one day I will return to this city.

In Rome Mareah Adolphs….LCTV News. “

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