Look at Dublin

DUBLIN, IRELAND – This week LCTV’s Mareah Adolphs takes us on a tour of Dublin, Ireland.

“Hey guys we hopped from London on a one hour plane ride and landed here in beautiful Dublin.

The Irish boast of the modern beauty of the green isle…and here it meets history. Dublin Castle has fulfilled many roles since the beginning of the 13th century… this included a royal residence and today its a center for diplomacy for the Republic of Ireland.

Of course what really reigns King here Ireland?????????????

The beer of course!!!!!! the founder Arthur Guinness… signed a 9000 year lease….yes 9000 on the property in 1759 and today visitors can tour the stock house and grab a pint to top off the day.

The spirit of St. Patrick’s Day lives all year round here in Dublin and as the saying goes…Wherever you go and whatever you do…may the luck of the Irish be there with you

In Dublin, Mareah Adolphs LCTV News”

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