Got talent? Loras does

Got talent? Loras does

Last Thursday, April 14, was the commencement of the third annual Loras’ Got Talent event. Since its inception back in 2014, the college’s local variety show has been a way for students to express their finest talents to the school community. This year was no exception, with an impressive array of acts that thrilled and impressed the student body.

Hosted by the Loras Black Student Union, the event kicked off around 7 p.m. and featured many impressive performances from a wide assortment of student contenders. Most did musical pieces through song, instrumentation or both, and many exhibited impressively honed skills in those fields.

Following the performances, and after much deliberation, the judges made their decisions. Second-place was given to juniors Dimitri Villanueva and Steph Philipps, while the honor of first-place and the grand prize of a $125 check was awarded to senior Elizabeth Mesina for her outstanding performance of Ashley “Halsey” Frangipane’s hit single “Colors” on both vocals and guitar.

This year’s talent show was well-received by those in attendance.

“I believe that the talent show helps stimulate creativity on campus,” said sophomore Ronald Parr. “I think it encourages and motivates the students to do something productive and unique with their time.”

Loras’ Got Talent will return next year, once again giving students a chance to show the campus, and perhaps someday the world, just what they can do.

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