Fire Prevention Week

DUBUQUE, IA – Fire Prevention Week is a national event in which fire departments around the nation raise awareness about fire danger and how to prevent it. The Dubuque Fire Department opened Fire Prevention Week on Sunday, October 9, by bringing the organization to the public.

kid-in-truckPeople from the community, including parents and kids, had a chance to see fire trucks and other vehicles from 1 to 3 in the afternoon at an Open House on Sunday. The fire department hopes to use this and other activities throughout the week, including offering free smoke detector checks, to raise awareness of fire danger. other-truck

The leaders of the department also want to bring awareness to the importance of checking smoke detectors in houses. According to officials, manufacturers of smoke detectors recommend that a person should regularly check and change the batteries. They also recommend that the detectors should be changed at least every ten years, as it takes a while for them to wear out.

According to Fire Chief Rick Steines, “…smoke detectors actually wear out after a while, they’re actually on, you know, 24/7, for ten years, and so, to make sure that the operate efficiently and still function in case of a fire, the manufacturer is going to recommend a ten-year replacement…”

He thus urges the community to remember that the fire department is there for them, but it will only work if certain precautions are taken. Firefighters believe that this week will additionally raise awareness of how important the fire department is to the community. 

Towards the end of the Open House, firefighters demonstrated how they work to fight fires. These included sliding down the fire poles in the Fire Headquarters Station and using simulated fire extinguishers. extinguisher

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