Engage Steeple Square

DUBUQUE – Around 80 community members gathered in the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Wednesday morning to discuss the plans for the use of the space at the Engage Steeple Square event.

The former church, now known as Steeple Square, is known for its elaborate artwork and stain glass windows which provide this new event center with unique charm.

Sharon Covey, a member on the Friends of St. Mary’s Board,┬áspoke positively about the event when saying, “We wanted to bring the community back together, let them know that the doors are open and know that we really value their input on what they can see happening in this space. It’s really more of a community project than anything else.”

The Steeple Square campus includes other buildings which are being repurposed to meet community needs. For more information, visit www.steeplesquare.com or visit their Facebook page.

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