East Dubuque Murder Investigation Update

East Dubuque Murder Investigation Update

EAST DUBUQUE, ILL-Chyenne Kircher was just 14 years old when she went missing in East Dubuque. Investigations concluded she ran away from home and eventually the case ran cold. In March, East Dubuque police re-opened the case and last Tuesday arrested 40-year-old Terry Abbas for the murder of Chyenne Kircher.

Abbas is married to Kircher’s mom and the two resided at 480 Wisconsin Ave. Late last week authorities found human remains behind this address that they believe are Kircher’s.

Each year on the anniversary of Chyenne’s disappearance, her classmates at East Dubuque High School release yellow balloons in hope of Chyenne’s return. Now that hope is gone replaced by anger, disbelief, and grief.

Alice Rooney taught at East Dubuque Elementary School for 33 years. She is now a retired school teacher but still remembers Chyenne. “I met Chyenne when she was in second grade and she was just a sweet child…very social.” Rooney says she remembers two years ago when Chyenne went missing. “You think you’re not attached to the kids but you are…you’re ┬áreally attached.” And members of the community have never forgotten Chyenne. “It’s been two years, and no one has ever forgotten.”

Rooney says it has been a very sad week at the school and last Friday night the football game was dedicated to Chyenne. But the school had grief counselors in place to aid the students.

Unfortunately, this is not the news the community of East Dubuque wanted. But community members say at least they have some closure. “Its just not the way we wanted it to turn out.”

For now, the justice the community seeks will happen in the coming weeks. Terry Abbas is set to appear in court for his initial appearance next Wednesday in Jo Daviess County Court.

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