Dubuque Schools Implement Safety Training

Dubuque Schools Implement Safety Training

DUBUQUE – The attacks at Ohio State earlier this week highlight the issue of violence on campus, but we wondered about K-12 safety precaution.

We took a closer look at how the Dubuque Community School District is taking steps to educate students with a unique video approach.

No school ever wants to experience the threat of an active intruder, but area schools are taking precautionary measures to teach skills they hope students and faculty will never have to use.
The Dubuque Community School District and the Dubuque Police Department created two safety training videos instructing students how to react to an active shooter. Mike Cyze, the Director of School and Community Relations, addresses the issue of too different audiences:

“There really is no one size fits all type video. We know that an elementary student, in particular, processes difficult topics and deals with the issue of safety very differently than a high schooler will.”

The videos are tailored to fit each group of kids while sending the same message of how to react to an intruder. The school district is happy with the response from videos and hope they create safer schools.

All public schools in the school district have gone through the safety training and viewed the active intruder safety videos.

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