Dubuque Fire Demonstration

Dubuque Fire Demonstration

Dubuque, IA — The City of Dubuque Fire Department brought the heat at a live fire demonstration for the public yesterday.

Citizens of all ages gathered to watch an educational side-by-side fire demonstration which stressed the importance of installing residential sprinklers.

“We’re hoping to encourage families to think about installing sprinkler systems to help them get out of the building if it were to catch on fire,” says Jeff Zasada, coordinator of the event and building inspector with the City of Dubuque Building Services.

Firefighters set two almost identical living room style structures aflame with only one containing a preventative sprinkler system.

The public was able to witness how fast the sprinklers reacted to the fire and the destruction they prevented.

Within three minutes the structure without a sprinkler system was completely engulfed in flames and was demolished by the time firefighters were able to extinguish it with a hose delivering 150 gallons of water a minute.

The safety unit managed to extinguish the flames before they overtook the structure, and the sprinkler only had to use a mere 12-15 gallons a minute.

“The residential sprinklers are certainly a really good choice to make and to provide peace of mind and safety for your family,” says Mike McMahon, Dubuque Assistant Fire Marshall.

For more information about home fire sprinklers, you can visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) website at www.homefiresprinkler.org 

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