Du what? Du it Forward!

Du what?  Du it Forward!

This week marks the return of “Du It Forward” week here at Loras. Since the initiation of the Du It Forward Committee in 2012, the group has hosted numerous events and activities every month in an effort to make a difference in people’s lives and encourage them to see the best in life and in others around campus.

The first week of October serves as the pinnacle of carrying out this vision. This week is no exception, with a motivational sign campaign and several programs and activities planned. On Tuesday there was the “What’s in Your Bucket?” activity outside the Cafe during common time; Wednesday was “Free Smiles” at the top of the stairs in the ACC concourse. Today is “Random Acts of Kindness” at the same spot, and Friday is Purple and Gold Day. New this year is the Duhawk Spirit & Fan Fun, which will be a spirit wear table set up at a number of the sporting events scheduled for the coming weekend.

“There are so many amazing things happening at Loras each day, and I love celebrating all the great moments and wonderful people,” says Jina Quade, Assistant Director of Residence Life and founder of Du It Forward. “The committee is made up of faculty, staff and students who are passionate about making a difference!”

Past activities have included several card-making programs, including Send Some Duhawk Love, Make Someone Smile, and Let Someone Know They are Beautiful. Each of these has been widely successful in the past, with an average of 300 hundred cards delivered for each. Du It Forward also hosts the “40 Days of Kindness” program during Lent, as well as a “Day of Gratitude” in the spring. The committee has a Facebook, Twitter, and an Instagram; these are open for anonymous messages or compliments to people in the community.

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