Doing it for Them: The Dubuque Diabetes Dash

DUBUQUE, IA – Are you ready to run? A new charity in the Dubuque area has residents sprinting to help.

Diabetes Raw 165.Still001Started in the Dubuque area by Megan Welter, an event organizer from Wisconsin, the Dubuque Diabetes Dash is an annual event. Held at the Dubuque County fairgrounds, the goal of the event is to raise money for juveniles suffering from Type 1 diabetes, as well for research to discover an eventual cure for the condition.

All funds raised at the event are contributed to the youth, including paying their admission to Camp Hertko Hollow, a camp dedicated to serving those challenged with diabetes. Brianna Wardle, a victim of juvenile diabetes, says she really appreciates this event, as a lot of people come together and support her as well as others.Brianna Wardle Image

About two hundred people attended the 5K Walk/Run. This was the main part of the event, and had levels ranging from challenging to beginner. The Walk/Run was ended with the Adam Keith musical group, a silent auction, and a “Kids’s Zone” complete with bouncy house. Bouncy house

Sponsors from the community, as well as other vendors, joined individual donors in providing the young diabetics with funds and supports.

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