City of Dubuque Showcased at City Expo

City Expo
In an effort to increase interaction at the City Expo, organizers passed out pamphlets called “Passport to Expo.” The passport included a list of all the tables at the event. If visitors got a signature from every table and filled out the entire passport, they were entered into a drawing for a new iPad.

DUBUQUE, IOWA – On Tuesday September 10th, the Dubuque Five Flags Center hosted the annual City Expo. Organizations from all over Dubuque came together to inform the community about what is going on around the city.

Exhibitors ranged from Mines of Spain, who had actual animal furs that people could touch, to the Dubuque Fire Department, who had engines parked outside for children to explore.

Public Information Officer Randy Gehl said the City Expo is a positive place where citizens can learn about different programs they can participate in.

“One main advantage is for people to get a chance to talk to staff face to face,” Gehl explained. “Some people don’t come to City Hall maybe more than once a year, so this is a chance to meet face to face with staff to ask questions, to ask about new programs we may have and get more information. It’s just that one-on-one interaction that the community desires.”

You can learn more about what’s happening in the city of Dubuque on their website.

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