Campus Convenience Store Pricing

“I actually end up skipping meals a lot because it’s just easier than worrying about how much Duhawk dollars I have,” one concerned student comments. Through on-campus meal plans, students purchase between two to five hundred Duhawk Dollars to use in campus convenience stores

“Sometimes you feel a little bad like this guy comes in every day and spends twelve bucks on a meal… that shouldn’t be that much,” admits Campus Dining student-employee David Rodgers. Students acknowledge,
“There’s a big price jump when you look at the prices here in the Market and the Pod compared to typical stores.”

So what exactly is that price difference?
-At a local grocery store the price of Cheerios™ is $3.78 compared to Aramark’s price of $5.29.
-Spray cheese is $6.17 through Aramark whereas only $3.99 for stores buying in bulk.
-But the largest difference in price is the fresh sandwiches—-just $2.50 at Hy-Vee but $5.49 from Aramark.

Vice President for Student Development, Art Sunleaf, explains the high prices,
“It’s the convenience, I’m here, I pick it up, that’s what it is.”

The number of items purchased is also a large factor in determining price; Sunleaf elaborates,
“We buy a crate of 30, Target buys a bulk of 400.”

Despite the difference in prices, campus dining says it makes a priority to put students first,
“If x is what students want, we’re going to try to find a way to make it work for everybody so that way we have what you want, even if it’s at a trickier price point,” concludes Assistant Dean of Students Molly Burrows Schumacher.

I reached out to Aramark for comment but did not receive a reply. You can offer Campus Dining feedback at:

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