Breakfast of Heroes-The Everyday Heroes Red Cross Awards

DUBUQUE, IA – The American Red Cross is an organization dedicated to serving others. With its variety of medical services and donations, it has assisted people in a variety of disasters, including the recent hurricanes in the southern United States. The organization also has awards which it presents to individuals who go above and beyond the call to service.

On Thursday, March 15, the Northeast Iowa Red Cross recognized people who had gone to great lengths in their service to others. While any kind of service action was eligible for the award, there was special consideration give to those who served in medical emergencies or first aid.

To honor the winners, the Red Cross hosted a brunch at the Holiday Inn in downtown Dubuque, where the awards ceremony took place. While the event was held at seven in the morning, a large crowd attended to pay respect to the heroes. Seven individuals received the award this year: Holly Bratten, Trevor Mensen, Wesley Theisen, Amanda Williams, Justin Smith, Amy McDonald, and Anthony Graham.

LCTV talked with Holly Bratten, who said that the award was one of the best honors she had ever received in her life.

The Red Cross is always seeking nominations for each year’s heroes. To nominate someone or to learn more about the Red Cross’s activities, please visit their website. You may also see the published story on YouTube.

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