Boy Scouts of America to include transgender youth

Boy Scouts of America to include transgender youth


DUBUQUE – The Boy Scouts of America recently implemented a policy that allows youth to join the program based on their gender identity.

This means that for the first time transgender youth can now take part in the program. Prior to the new policy, the BSA¬†used the gender on the youth’s birth certificate when confirming¬†applications.

According to Northeast Iowa Council Scout Executive Matt Klutzaritz this policy will make the program more inclusive.

He said the organization will work with the youth to find a troop that will welcome them.

This change adds the BSA to a list of transgender-friendly youth organizations, including the Girl Scouts of America.

It also brings scouting to a larger number of youth, which follows the organization’s 2014 policy of allowing openly gay youth to participate in the program.

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