Assessing Progress: Dubuque City Council visits Bee Branch project

Assessing Progress: Dubuque City Council visits Bee Branch project

DUBUQUE, IA – In construction work around the city of Dubuque, one of the most noticeable changes is the progress being made on the Bee Branch Creek restoration project.

Dubuque City Council members toured the project on Monday, October 24, to view the changes. Others from the community were also welcome to join the tour group. The event began at five o’clock that evening, and was led by members of the City Engineering Department. They guided the tour and answered any questions that the attendees had.bee-tour-group

Bee Branch looks much different than it did previously. Crews have added culverts to divert water, measures to improve water flow in the sewers, and even added extras, like an ampitheater for entertainment. They have also added devices which help aerate the water in the creek and prevent soil from building up.bee-tour-group-two

In an exclusive interview with LCTV News, Mayor Roy Buol said that he is happy with the changes included so far. He also expressed the idea that the community would be able to appreciate this as well. He said, “I think the neighbors who live along this asset of the city, and, actually, citizens all over the city of Dubuque will be very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish here collectively…” The City Council shared his sentiments.mayor-buol

While a lot of progress has been made, there are areas that still need to be completed yet. The City Engineer department hopes that the restoration project will be complete by June of next year.needs-work

For more information and project updates, you may see the Bee Branch Creek Restoration site at the following link:

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