When you pray for me, what do you pray for?

Over the last few weeks, I have been asking people around campus to think about the person they pray for the most. I asked them to name what it is they pray for when they do pray for that person. These are their answers:

“I pray for them to have honesty and vulnerability.”

“I pray for her to fall more in love with Jesus, for her peace of heart, and that she finds her rest in Jesus.”

“I pray for them to feel God’s unconditional love. I also pray for the people that love this person, that they are given support and feel Jesus’ hands and feet around them.”

“I pray that he has guidance and clarity, that God shines some light on his path.”

“I pray that she finds peace and that in difficult situations she tries to hear God’s voice and trust in him.”

“I pray for whoever needs my prayers the most.”

“For them to grow in faith and holiness.”

“I pray that she has clarity.”
“Thy will be done.”

“For strength, confidence and the knowledge to do what is right.”

“That they feel God in their lives.”

“I offer this up for them.”

“I pray that they have healthy babies.”

“I pray that he finds a community, that he will become a light that Jesus will be able to shine through, and that they receive that same light. I pray he finds consolation too.”

“That she finds what she’s looking for.”

“I pray for guidance for them that they know where they want to go and have comfort in that.”

“I offer up all of my love for her to you, O Lord.”

“I pray they both have the strength to overcome all challenges.”

“I pray that they get to heaven someday.”

“I pray that she grows in virtue and holiness.”

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