Movie Review: ‘Sully’

Pros: Based on true events, “Sully” tells the story of Flight 1549 and its landing on the Hudson River following a bird strike in Jan. 2009. The film does a good job of showing different people’s accounts of the landing. Many were involved in the landing, rescue, and investigation. The film jumped around in time to account for these events, and this kept it intense, interesting and downright exciting. The movie shows an incredible version of what might have actually happened during the water landing, and the directing was incredible. This film is a must see for anyone who is a fan of Tom Hanks’ acting, Clint Eastwood’s directing, or witnessing miracles in life.

Cons: “Sully” was a wonderful, suspense-filled movie and Tom Hanks, as always, was fantastic. However, the movie was filled with flashbacks, which can detract from the story. It took a while for the movie to explain what really happened on the plane. We are told what happened at the beginning but don’t completely understand what happened until much later. Otherwise, it was a great movie.

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