Katching up with Karen

Katching up with Karen

I met with the famous Karen Walter from the café and the PUB on Thursday night, Feb. 15. She had just finished her shift when I approached her at the register. I asked her for an interview for the Lorian, and her response was wonderful. She told me I would need more paper. Thus began our interview.

“What is the favorite and least favorite part of your job?”
Karen responded with “I enjoy working close with the co-workers both in the PUB and the Café.” She enjoys communicating with the numerous students who are constantly coming in and out of the dining areas. They are given the opportunity to chat with Karen. Of course this question always has left out the opposite side; the least favorite part of the job. Karen’s response to this was that she didn’t think there really was one. Perhaps it’s because she is caught up in enjoying the great parts of her job.

“How long have you been at Loras College?”
Loras College has been blessed with her presence for 20 years. She spoke about remembering when the PUB was much different than it is now. The freshmen reading this may not be sure what she means, but the seniors should. Not too long ago the PUB wasn’t filled with televisions and the bar, and thanks to Karen’s memory we were able to piece together what it used to be. It had a cold sandwich bar, burgers and fries, a salad area, Asian food, and mini Papa John’s pizzas. There was a large variety of food served back then. I asked Karen whether she enjoyed the old style or the current one. “I like it the way it is now, but it was fine back in the day.”

“What makes you come back every year?”
There were multiple answers to this question. It isn’t just one thing that keeps Karen coming back every year; “It’s my job, meeting new employees, and meeting the new students.”

“What is your favorite time killer outside of Loras?”
“You know, cleaning, grocery shopping, everyday tasks, and laundry … Going out for dinner and going out to the movies.” It sure is fun to hit the town for a bite to eat, and follow up with a film at the theatre.

“What is the funniest story while on the job?”
Karen said she couldn’t narrow it down to one story, but she did have a description of occurrences that she finds humorous. During the interview we got to see an example of what Karen found humorous, the students’ antics. She also enjoys students trying to be sneaky, but she has seen it all, you can’t fool Karen. There isn’t a lot that gets past while she is on the job. A couple of examples include, people trying to sneak food out of the Café or passing cards. Some might think that their actions are going unnoticed, but not with her keen eye.

“What’s the normal routine while on the job?”
Her response was a simple one: “I work at the Café from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Then I clean out the register and go over to the PUB from 7:00 to 10:00. Then I close up there too, cleaning the register and the PUB before heading out for the night.” It seems that Karen is quite busy once she arrives to Loras. Working the dinner shift, at both dining centers, can be very busy some nights.

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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