Jack’s Chicken Palace

Jack’s Chicken Palace

​Jogging​ around​ Dubuque this last​ year, I often passed Jack’s Chicken Palace, a family owned business in Dubuque since 1962. Jack’s​ has been​​ the​ top​​ spot​ for​ chicken​​ and​​ fish. The​​ smell​ brings​ me​ back​ home to​ some​ of​​ my​​ favorite​​ places. However, being​​ in​​ the​​ middle​ of​ my​ run​ with no​ cash​, I​​ never​​ made​ the​​ stop.​​ I decided to make​ ​one​​ of​​ my​ goals​ this​​ year​ to be to visit Dubuque’s​​ finest.​ This​ past​​ week,​​ I​ checked it off my list.

Jack’s​​ does​​ not​​ have​ the​​ largest​ menu​, but​ definitely​ gives​​ their​​ customers​ the​​ best​​ quality and price. As​ college​​ students,​ money​ is​​ tight​​ so​ we​ should​​ always​​ find​​ the​​ best​​ value​ when​​ making  any​​ purchases, especially​ food.​ As​ a​​ fried chicken​​ spot, ordering​​ the​​ chicken​ is​​ a​ must.​ I​​ asked​ the​ man​ at​ the​ counter​,​ “What​ do​ you recommend​ most?”​ He​ said, ​​“ Whatever​​ you​ order​​ must include​​ chicken.​” So​, I​ went​​ with​​ the chicken​​ dinner which included​ four​​ pieces​ of​​ chicken​: breast,​ leg,​ wing and thigh.​ Not​​ only​​ did​ it come with​ four​ pieces of​​ chicken,​ it included​ coleslaw,​​ fries​​ and​ a​​ butter roll.​​ All​​ for​ $7.40!​​ Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!
The​ chicken​ was ​crispy​,​ moist​​ and​​ full​ of​​ flavor. The menu​ is not limited to only chicken, you will also find​ fish,​​ burgers,​ and​ sandwiches with sides of​ salads​​ (macaroni, potato​​ and​​ bean),​  onion​​ rings,​ fried​​ gizzards​​ and​ fried​​ mushrooms.

“My​ family is​​ from​ Dubuque​ and​ we’ve​ been​ going to Jack’s​ for​ many​ years.​ The chicken​ is​ the​ hit​ on the​​ menu​, but​​ I​ suggest​​ you​​ also​​ order ​a​ side​​ of​ onion​​ rings​​ as​​ well,” second-year ​Thomas​ Rhomberg said.

There is no​ need for​ a​ car because Jack’s​ Chicken Palace is only​ blocks​ away and​ a​ very​ fast​ walk.​ They​ are​ ​located​ at​ 1107​ University Ave.
I​​ recommend​​ calling​​ ahead​ as​ it​ is a carry-out​ spot.​ If​ you​ forget​, don’t​ worry,​ the​ wait​ is​ only​ about fifteen​ short minutes.

Jack’s​ Chicken​​ Palace​ is​ closed​ Monday,​ open​ from​ 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.​ Tuesday-Saturday​ and​ 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m. on​ Sunday.

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