Dubuque musician makes his way through Midwest for contemporary music tour

DUBUQUE – A Dubuque musician is making his way around the Midwest, sharing his talent of music with anyone who will listen.

Adam O’Dell is from Dubuque. He went to Clarke University and now attends Bowling Green State University.

He created an ensemble called Noise 2 Signal that plays contemporary music.

O’Dell said, “It’s as much of a tradition as a group of master students can establish in two years, so it’s our second year of the tour.”

The band mates love being on the road.

Bassoonist Alex Meaux said, “The audiences have been incredibly receptive.”

Programs Director Erin Cameron added, “It’s living the dream, it’s what every musician dreams of.”

The performance in Dubuque at Clarke University is special for O’Dell, though.

“It’s nice to kind of have that reminder of where I came from,” said O’Dell, “it’s good to come back and see people that I know and sort of give back to the community that helped me get to where I am now.”

Cameron said she enjoys being in O’Dell’s hometown.

She said, “I know Adam’s awesome, and it’s cool to go to a place where everybody knows he’s awesome. He’s sort of a celebrity around Dubuque, and it’s really cool to see how much support he has from the community.”

Always thinking about giving back, O’Dell passes along this advice to aspiring musicians.

“It’s make as many friends as possible, be as good of a musician as you can be, and then you never know, you might be able to form a tour just based on friends that you know.”

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