DIY Halloween Costumes for the College Student

DIY Halloween Costumes for the College Student

October is here, and although it seems like it arrived extremely quickly the best thing we can do is embrace it. One of the best ways to do so is to start planning a spectacular costume for Halloween. Below are some ideas for both the individual and couples. Now, we all know that college student equals broke, so here are some do it yourself costumes that can be made with items you most likely already have or can get at a thrift store for an inexpensive price.


1)   Jake from State Farm: We all remember the infamous insurance commercial where the husband is on the phone late at night with his State Farm agent. It’s super easy to embody Jake’s essence with a red polo, khakis and a name tag.

2)   Holy Cow: Who doesn’t love a good pun, or better yet, a costume pun? For this costume all you’ll need to do is place spots on a white outfit and add some angel wings or a halo. Turn it into a couples costume by having your partner wear antlers, all brown and a sign reading “Oh deer!”

3)   Social Butterfly: Speaking of wings… and puns… strap on some butterfly wings and a tutu. Wear any color shirt you’d like and plaster the logos of various social media sites on it (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

4)   Starbucks Drink: While October means Halloween, it also means pumpkin spiced specialty drinks, so why not combine the two? To transform yourself into a frappe, wear a tan dress or top and bottom. Attach some white frill or a tutu around your chest with a green cardboard straw sticking out the top. Stick the Starbucks logo on the front and drink up!

5)   Grapes: For this costume all you’ll need is purple balloons and green paper. Attach the air-filled balloons to a black outfit and make a leaf to hang off your shoulder – that’s it!

6)   Gumball Machine: This is a costume guaranteed to last longer than the flavor of a real gumball. Hot glue different colored pom-pom balls onto a white shirt. Finish it off with a red skirt and a 25 cent sign.

7)   Joyce Byers: It’s super easy to replicate the outfit of a character from the new Netflix hit, “Stranger Things.” To be Joyce, simply wear black pants, a red and white shirt, and a green jacket. Then, wrap yourself in Christmas lights (preferably battery operated so you don’t have to stand by an outlet all night).


1)      Minions: My personal favorite, the little guys who love bananas. All this costume requires is a yellow shirt, jean overalls, a yellow beanie and either goggles or big glasses.

2)      A Firefighter and Dalmatian: The firefighter can wear a black outfit, red suspenders and a fireman’s hat. The Dalmatian just needs a spotted outfit, black nose and some cute ears.

3)      Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: They may not have been a couple in the movie, but who says they can’t be for Halloween. To recreate the characters from Sandlot, have Squints wear jeans, and undershirt and open short-sleeved button-down. Top with a backwards baseball hat and glasses. Wendy needs a red swimming suit (or tank and shorts), sunglasses, a whistle and fanny pack.

4)      Clark Kent and Lois Lane: Be the hero or be his true identity. Wear a Superman shirt under a white button-down and glasses. Lois should wear a pencil skirt, heels, and white dress top. Add a file folder with pictures of Superman for even more detail.

5)      Up: One is the Boy Scout, one is the house. Have the guy wear tan shorts, a yellow polo and a badge sash (which you can create with fabric and bottle caps). Have the girl wear a cardboard-decorated house with helium balloons attached. Hold on to her tight!

6)      Lightning Strike: Here’s a simple costume that can be thrown together in a flash! Have one partner wear a lightning bolt made out of cardboard or a large poster. Have the second one wear tattered clothing and carry around a torn up umbrella.

7)      Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm: The cute little kids from The Flinstones make the perfect DIY costume. Pebbles needs a lime green polka-dot top and black shorts. Tie up your hair with a white ribbon to imitate the bone. Bamm-Bamm needs polka-dot orange shorts and a club.

Hopefully these costumes fit your style or inspire some other ideas you can create for a low price in the comfort of your residence hall. Happy Halloween!

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