Chance the Rapper: Magnificent Coloring Day

Chance the Rapper: Magnificent Coloring Day

Lately we have been seeing more and more negative rather than positive things in the world around us. Society is working at dividing rather than coming together and solving our problems. We often try to look up to someone who can give us a voice or that relates to us. As a Chicagoan, I see and hear the violence on an everyday basis, and one influence helping bring together different communities has been Chicago’s Chance The Rapper.

This year has become, “What has Chance not done and when is he going to do that?” After performing on “SNL” (twice), “The Espys,” “The Ellen Show,” “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, “Good Morning America” and even his own Nike Commercial for the Olympics, Chance has wowed the world once again.

Last week, Chance the Rapper held his Magnificent Coloring Book festival on the south of Chicago at U.S. Cellular Field. This was his sixth stop on his tour for his latest mixtape, “Coloring Book.” This meant a lot for him and all of Chicago. It is almost unheard of for an artist to perform on the south-side of Chicago, let alone a whole festival. He worked hard to make this an event for people of all kinds.

At first, Chance was given only certain parts of the park for his festival. However, since the demand for tickets was so high, he made it his mission to open as many seats as possible while also selling them at a reasonable price. If you couldn’t make it, he offered a live-stream of the whole event on Tidal; this allowed millions to tune in. In the end, it was a sold-out show and broke the record for most people at the Cell for an event.

His festival was an all-day event that began with Francis the Lights and included Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator, John Legend, Collegrove (2 Chainz and Lil Wayne), Alicia Keys, himself, and Skrillex to close it out. That day was nowhere near ordinary and came with surprises along the way. Common and Kanye West showed up unexpectedly and jumped on stage for a bit.

Kanye and Chance jumped onstage together in the middle of the day and performed “Ultralight Beam.” They haven’t performed that song together since last December when they debuted it on Saturday Night Live. Fans got so excited they hopped out of their seats to get a better view of this iconic moment.

Chance The Rapper stole the show in the end. Chance dropped “Coloring Book” on May 13 of this year, and fans were highly anticipating his next tour and shows. He outdid the expectations yet again. He performed songs new and old to help give perspective and the tell a story of his growth as a person. He added the use of puppets, a whole Chicago Children’s Choir, and of course his live Social Experiment band to help express his music and story to the people watching.

This is only the beginning, and when it is all said and done, Chance The Rapper will go down in history for changing the music culture. After his Magnificent Coloring Tour, he is headed to the White House for the White House National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on Dec. 1. Chance himself would tell you this event doesn’t even compare to how special the Magnificent Coloring Day Festival was for him, his fans, his city, and society. I look forward to seeing what else the future holds for Chance The Rapper.

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