11 Thoughts Students Have Before Spring Break

11 Thoughts Students Have Before Spring Break

Loras students are eager for Easter Break.
Here are 11 thoughts students have during the last week before break.

  1. Do I really have to go to my class on Friday? It’s Spring Break Eve. It’s technically a holiday.
  2. Three papers, a presentation, and a group project are all due tomorrow? I can still watch one more episode “13 Reasons Why.”
  3. I have to unplug my fridge for break? Guess I have to eat everything.
  4. I should have done laundry a week ago. Oh well. Mom might do it.
  5. Maybe Mom and Dad will reimburse my Duhawk Dollars for all the coffee I have purchased this week.
  6. Spring cleaning the dorm room? Time to say goodbye to sweaters.
  7. Will my dog still remember me when I come home?
  8. Am I too old to get an Easter Basket this year?
  9. Do you think the Easter Bunny would be offended if I asked for cash this year?
  10. Should I bring my laptop home over break? Would I actually do homework? Nah!
  11. Is it true we only have one more month left of school? I’m not ready for finals yet?
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