The Many Adventures of Winnie and Jesse – Part 2

The Many Adventures of Winnie and Jesse – Part 2

Dr. Seuss” stories filled with the unimaginable. Stories that bring wonder to children thirsty for pleasure and openness to creativity beyond their comprehension. The books are designed to engage readers and encourage the writers to continue their fine creative works. In this case, it’s a land where the impossible is very possible. It’s a land that no living being would believe exists. Winnie and Jesse find themselves being the first living beings who have ever entered this unusual, unreal, unpredictable life.
Winnie and Jesse in fear and absolute confusion, continue wandering around the land. The Cat in the Hat with Thing One and Thing Two by his side circle around Winnie. Winnie, in panic, runs away from them. Green Eggs and Ham are offered by Sam to Jesse. Jesse, in disgust, pushes Sam away. As Winnie continues running, she is stopped by Horton the Elephant. Horton, in fear of trampling over Winnie, falls to his side, creating a loud thump that vibrates the ground. Jesse walks into the Lorax, getting lost in the mountain of trees consisting of yellow, red, and orange colored bushes surrounding him. Jesse finds his way out, reuniting with Winnie.

The two hide out from all the commotion. They curse at the elderly man who sold them this mysterious book. Winnie cries in distress, begging for a way out the book. Jesse calms her down. He kisses Winnie’s forehead, giving her hope. A note appears on the ground. It was a torn up, dirty, brown piece of cloth that reads with dark blue ink: “If you wish to leave, come to the snowy Mountain Crumpit.” In desperation, Winnie and Jesse follow a map written in glowing green ink behind the note.

They climb the clumpy, hard, snowy hill. Crackling ice covers the ground beneath the snow. One slip, they will tumble down, falling a frightful plunge. Once they arrive at the location, Jesse knocks on the front door made of old, crusty wood. The door slowly opens by itself. Winnie and Jesse enter a cave with scraps covering the ground and hints of snow raining from above. A man covered with green hair and an unbearable scent sneaks up from behind. It was the Grinch. Winnie screams in horror. The Grinch covers her mouth with a piece of cloth, the same cloth with the note. Jesse pushes the Grinch away from her.

The Grinch offers Winnie and Jesse a deal. He agrees to help them leave, in exchange of them bringing him Santa Clause’s sleigh. They accept the Grinch’s terms. The Grinch opens a secret passage. Once opened, Winnie and Jesse are sucked through.

They land in a pool of bones, mostly cracked skulls. They jump out in terror. Spiders begin crawling all around. Black cats poke their heads from every corner. Bats flutter around the dark, gloomy sky. Scarecrows pop out from the ground like healthy, grown plants. Pumpkins are seen in every block with carvings that come to life. They move forward, spotting vampires turning into bats, witches flying on broom sticks, Frankensteins walking, werewolves howling, ghosts floating, mummies wobbling, skeletons trying to keep their bodies together, zombies struggling to communicate, and much more. Quickly did the couple realize that they were in a very different land. A sign made of rusted metal with bugs crawling around it reads: Halloween.

To Be Continued……

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