National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences:

2016 Upper Midwest Student Production Award, College Newscast:  LCTV News, 12-2-15

Society of Professional Journalists:

Mark of Excellence Award, Best All-Around Television Newscast:  Allison Wong, Payton Van Vors, Dimitri Villanueva, Rachel Choice


Iowa Broadcast News Association (2015):

Overall Excellence:  Loras College

Best Newscast:  LCTV News

Best Sportscast:  SportsZONE

First place, Overall Excellence in Reporting:  Allison Wong

First place, Feature:  Melissa Link

First place, Overall Excellence in Anchoring: Allison Wong, Dimitri Villanueva

First place, Political Coverage:  LCTV Staff

First place, General Reporting:  Allison Wong, Charlie Grant

First place, In Depth Series:  Allison Wong

First place, Farm and Agribusiness:  Mareah Adolphs, Dimitri Villanueva

First place, Spot News Coverage:  Allison Wong, Charlie Grant

First place, Sports Coverage:  Joel Schmidt

Second place, Overall Excellence in Anchoring:  Allie Kaleta, Joel Schmidt

Second place, General Reporting:  Dimitri Villanueva

Second place, Sports Play-by-Play:  Live Sports Compilation

Third place, Overall Excellence in Reporting:  Joel Schmidt

Third place, In Depth Series:  Aidan Wojciehowski, Dimitri Villanuea, Greg Cormier

Third place, News Photography:  Joel Schmidt


Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (2015):

Award of Merit, Newscast:  LCTV News

Award of Merit, Sportscast/Program:  SportsZONE

First place, Series: Allison Wong, “Shots Fired”

First place, Investigative: Payton Van Vors, “Study Drug”


Iowa College Media Association (2015):

First place, Newscast:  LCTV News

First place, News Programming:  LCTV Live:  Spring Finale

First place, Entertainment Storytelling:  Makaila Haase

First place, Short Documentary:  Mareah Adolphs, Lina Rodriguez, “Children of Abraham”

First place, Promos, PSAs, Commercials:  Melissa Link, Jenae Long, “Be the Difference”

First place, Corporate Video:  Mariah Duran, “Tri-State Christian School”

First place, Short Film:  Mariah Duran, Greg Cormier, “eJustice”

Second place, News, Public Affairs, and Sportstelling:  Makaila Haase, “Twins Take the Ice”

Second place, Entertainment Storytelling:  Mareah Adolphs, “Versailles”

Second place, Best Sportscasting:  Billey Rehfeld, Kyle Jacobs, Joel Schmidt

Second place, Short Documentary:  Charlie Grant, Julie White

Second place, Short Film:  Matt Resnick, Sam Cihak, Thomas Graziano, “The Pinkerton”

Third place, Newscast:  SportsZONE

Third place, Variety, Music & Comedy:  Travix Exline, Madison Galloway, Austin Cousins, Erica Elsbernd, “Channel 65 Action News?”

Third place, Sportscasting:  Billy Rehfeld, Kyle Jacobs

Third place, Short Documentary:  Allie Kaleta, Caroline Foglton, “Mick”

Third place, Promos, PSAs, Commercials:  Laura Bohorquez

Third place, Experimental Video:  Sam Cihak